Family Trees - Korn, Levit, Pitchon, Federman

                           As researched by Hava Porat - Last update 23/10/2016

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My name is Hava Porat I am happily married to Yaaccov.This website MyRoots is the outcome of my research of my husband's family and mine for the sake of our future generation. My parents were Lia Dgani nee Levit (family origin - Dagastan, Russia) and Meir Dgani who was born as Maximilian Yechiel Korn (family origin - Tarnobrzeg, Poland). Yaacov parents were Haya Porat nee Federman (family origin - Siedlace, Poland) and Yosef Porat Pitchon (family origin - Thessaloniki, Greece).
This website is presenting the four Family trees.
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The expanded Family Tree includes up till now 641 Individuals
Porat Family Tree Scheme Porat Family Tree Scheme עברית
Korn family Kolage

The Korn family tree begins with Markus Korn and wife Necha, born in 1825. They lived in Tarnobrzeg Lwow   Poland and had (as far as I know 4 children). 

The eldest, Shlomo David born in 1856, was married to Blima Wiesenfeld, born in 1864, and had 7 children.

One of them Naftali Korn was married to Hava (Eva) Kranz.

The Family tree that is created from the Korn, Wiesenfeld and Kranz families includes 191 individuals.

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Levit family Kolage The Levit family tree begins with Emanual Levit (1797 -1863) who lived in Vienna. His son Arye Lev Levit, (1842 - 1923) and his wife Dina Dvorsky, (1858- 1921) lived in Bujnaksk Daghestan Russia which was called then Timir-Chan-Schura.

Arye and Dina had 16 children only 5 of  whom  left Russia: Emanuel, Yeshayaho, Yosef, Akim and Reiza.

Yosef Levit my grandfather married Ester Shmajewitch.

The Levit + Shmajewitch Family Trees includes 317 individuals.

Pitchon family Kolage

The Pitchon family tree begins with Shabtai Pitchon who lived in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

His son, Yehuda Pitchon, born in 1885  was married to Dudon Hanoka, born in 1890 daughter of Yosef Yaacov and Dona Hanoka.

The Pitchon Family tree includes 43 individuals.  
Federman Family Kolage

The Federman Family tree begins with Yaacov Leib Federman who lived in Siedlace, Poland. He was married to Tzirel Borchovski.

Yaacov Leib died prematurely (~40) from heart attack. His wife and children immigrated to Israel in 1935.

The Federman Family tree includes 93 individuals. 

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