My Roots & Heritage

My name is Hava Porat I am happily married to Yaacov.

This website MyRoots is the outcome of my research of my husband's family and mine for the sake of our future generation.

The four origin families are KORN, LEVIT, FEDERMAN and PITCHON. A large branche comes also from SHMAJEWITCH family (my grandmother's nee name)

Branches and people derived from them go back in time to the 19th century and forward until now days.

My parents were Lia Degani nee Levit (family origin - Dagastan, Russia) and Meir Degani who was born as Maximilian Yechiel Korn (family origin - Tarnobrzeg, Poland).

Yaacov parents were Haya Porat nee Federman (family origin - Siedlace, Poland) and Yosef Porat Pitchon (family origin - Thessaloniki, Greece).

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